in algea veritas

Our Team

With varied and complementary experiences,
shared values in eco-responsibility,
we work together to sustainably feed the world.


Our team relies on a scientific commitee.


Véronique Raoul

Veronique is an engineer in environmental sciences. Previously director of Innovation and Scientific Coordination for CHANEL Fragrances and Beauty. Serial-entrepreneur convinced that taking into account environmental and social issues is an accelerator for organizations’ development, the foundation of a fertile economy, she became CEO of inalve in 2022. Her ambition: allow the company to act internationally for a more sustainable world.

Industrial Engineer

Mathis Mei

Mathis, thanks to his knowledge as a bio-process engineer and his past experiences in the field of microalgae, contributes to the transfer of R&D innovations to the industrial level. Graduated from the School of Industrial Biology (EBI) and Compiègne University of Technology (UTC), he combines his passion for biotechnologies with his desire for innovation.

Algaculture Engineer R&D

Osvaldo Makowiecky

Osvaldo works on optimising the growing conditions of the pilot production unit. Previosuly he worked for sveral R&D projects in the production of microalgae.

He has an engineering degree specialized in aquaculture from the Federal University of Santa Catarina in Brazil and a master's degree in Sustainable Production and Exploitation of Aquatic Bioresources from the University of Montpellier.

Site Production Technician

Alexandre Lecerre

Alexandre's mission is to supervise the proper functioning of the production systems. Thanks to his many years of experience in the cosmetics and pharmaceutical industries, two sectors with very high requirements, he contributes to the continuous improvement of good manufacturing practices within inalve.

Industrial Director

Frederic Brunet

With his team and in close coordination with R&D, Frederic ensures the transfer of micro-algae production from the laboratory scale to the industrial scale.

Accounting Assistant

Lena Eddibes

Chief Scientific Officer

Freddy Guihéneuf

Freddy is our Chief Scientific Officer, he manage the R&D team in order to optimise the production of microalgae.

Freddy is a Doctor of Biophysiology of the Organizations and Populations of the University of Le Mans (France) and has more than 10 years of international experience (France, Israel, Ireland) on research projects in the fields of algae biotechnology, microalgae strains, genetic engineering, and bioactive molecule extraction techniques.

Site Production Technician

Céline Girardin

Céline is the production technician for inalve's pilot site. Working in collaboration with the R&D department she manages the development, productivity and the improvement of the microalgae cultivation systems.

Céline has a Bachelor's degree in Earth and Environmental Science from the Université Aix-Marseille, and is a certified Marine Technician (DEUST in Calais).

Previously, Céline was working on a Spirulina farm, where she was in charge of the cultivation, commercialisation, marketing and logistics of the microalgae biomass.

“If you think that adventure is dangerous, I purpose you to try routine, it is deadly”. P.Coelho

Business Manager

Fabrice de Panthou

Fabrice has been collaborating with Inalve for the past year. Since October 2019 Fabrice now leads the business development of microalgae biomass in Aquaculture.

Fabrice is a chemical engineer, has a PhD, and also graduated with an MBA in Strategic Management. He has been working for 20 years in several health and beauty industries; in France and abroad, from scientific roles to marketing and business development. Four years ago Fabrice created his own innovation consultancy.

He believes in breakthrough innovations that have a beneficial impact on the environment and are managed in a way that respects human values.

R&D Technician

Coline Bernard

Coline is in charge of analyzing microalgae and water samples from the pilot to ensure compliance. she participates in the improvement of products by supporting the research at laboratory scale. 
Coline has a DUT in Biological and Biochemical Analysis, DEUST Technician of the Sea and a Master's in Biodiversity and Environment focused on the coastal area and algae, a sector she is found of since her studies in Brest.
She has worked in the cultivation of macro and micro algae, for various applications like biomaterials, design or human food.

Advisory Board Member

Éric Marée

Eric Marée, former chairman of the Board of Management of Virbac, the 7th worldwide pharmaceutical company dedicated to animal health, acts as an independent advisor to Inalve. Eric graduated from HEC School of management before completing an MBA at Cornell University. Before his 18 years at the head of Virbac, Eric held various senior management positions in the pharmaceutical industry at Roche and Rhone Poulenc Rorer that he joined after several years in top management consulting with McKinsey.