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Full-scale validation of an algal productivity model.. Algal Research. Volume 31, April 2018, Pages 377-386


This study validates a model of algal productivity against indoor and outdoor data.

The validated model accounts for light, temperature and nitrogen concentration.

The model was calibrated by using data independent from data used for validation.

This study proposes an approach to predict carotenoids in full-scale conditions.

The model can be used to predict biofuel and carotenoids production at full-scale.

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Industrial Engineer

Mathis Mei

Mathis, thanks to his knowledge as a bio-process engineer and his past experiences in the field of microalgae, contributes to the transfer of R&D innovations to the industrial level. Graduated from the School of Industrial Biology (EBI) and Compiègne University of Technology (UTC), he combines his passion for biotechnologies with his desire for innovation.