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Continuous selection pressure to improve temperature acclimation of Tisochrysis lutea. Appl Microbiol and Biotech (2018)


Microalgae are a promising source of resources and bulk chemicals for various applications such as nutrition, aquaculture, cosmetics and, at a longer time scale, biofuels or green chemistry. Temperature plays a key role in outdoor industrial cultivation of microalgae. Improving the thermal tolerance of microalgae to both daily and seasonal temperature fluctuations can thus contribute to increase their annual productivity. A long term selection experiment was carried out to increase the thermal niche (temperature range for which the growth is possible) of a neutral lipid overproducing strain of Tisochrysis lutea.

Tisochrysis lutea surproductrice de lipides.

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Industrial Engineer

Mathis Mei

Mathis, thanks to his knowledge as a bio-process engineer and his past experiences in the field of microalgae, contributes to the transfer of R&D innovations to the industrial level. Graduated from the School of Industrial Biology (EBI) and Compiègne University of Technology (UTC), he combines his passion for biotechnologies with his desire for innovation.