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Maddyness selects inalve as a top start up to follow (closely) in 2020

Maddyness selects inalve as a start up to follow (closely) in 2020. Maddyness is a Parisian magazine featuring French entrepreneurs, tech, finance and innovation with 600,000 readers per month.

Why was inalve chosen? "Population growth will require an increase in agricultural land and protein production, especially for animals. Fishmeal requirements are expected to triple by 2050. Inalve is able to grow high-protein food while drastically reducing the need for energy, water and pesticides. Inalve's microalgae technology can be used even in arid environments. Microalgae are also used in the cosmetics sector in Asian countries. This market is therefore increasingly buoyant to meet the growing need for food while reducing energy requirements. Inalve, which raised 1.6 million euros in 2019, is closely followed by players in the startup ecosystem, both large and small. In particular, it has been selected by the CIC Lyonnaise de Banque, which covers the entire south-eastern quarter of France, for a 48-hour acceleration programme dedicated to 20 high-potential startups." Anne Taffin - 06 January 2020 on Maddyness.

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Industrial Engineer

Mathis Mei

Mathis, thanks to his knowledge as a bio-process engineer and his past experiences in the field of microalgae, contributes to the transfer of R&D innovations to the industrial level. Graduated from the School of Industrial Biology (EBI) and Compiègne University of Technology (UTC), he combines his passion for biotechnologies with his desire for innovation.