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Marine Cultures. n°341. Innovations. November 2020

Marine Cultures (Culture Marines) is the monthly magazine for French shellfish farmers (news, features, companies, culture).
The November 2020 issue devotes its chapter on innovation to a report on inalve and how our microalgae make it possible to reduce mortality in oysters. The interview, by Marion Larronde-Larretche, highlights the interest of microalgae for shellfish, an industry which in France produces 191,800 tons of shellfish and represents an annual turnover of 658 million euros. 

A few extracts from the article:

"The company has developed an original technology for growing microalgae by removing the need for centrifugation"

"Our cells are alive and concentrated."

« En une semaine, nous avions 80 % de mortalité en moins par rapport à des huîtres stockées en bassin et non nourries »

"This product has no equivalent today" 

You can buy the November issue online to read the full article.

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Industrial Engineer

Mathis Mei

Mathis, thanks to his knowledge as a bio-process engineer and his past experiences in the field of microalgae, contributes to the transfer of R&D innovations to the industrial level. Graduated from the School of Industrial Biology (EBI) and Compiègne University of Technology (UTC), he combines his passion for biotechnologies with his desire for innovation.