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Inalve selected to pitch at the Aquaculture Innovation Summit

The Aquaculture Innovation Summit is a major part of the Animal Health series, which focuses on showcasing, and supporting innovation in three critical areas of aquaculture: nutrition, health and digital. The two-day summit aims to uncover the most cutting-edge solutions with the most promise in enabling the sustainable growth of a booming industry. The summit brings together start-ups, investors, and senior aquaculture executives to address the future of aquaculture.

The UN FAO predict the global human population will eat 30 million tons more of fish by 2030, making Aquaculture the fastest growing sector in the food industry.

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Last week Hubert Bonnefond, inalve’s CTO was at the AlgaEurope conference in Paris.  Hubert presented inalve’s recent advances in algal biofilm cultivation for fish feed;

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Nous convertissons les ressources naturelles : eau, soleil, CO2 atmosphérique et nutriments en précieuse biomasse.Notre système ne requière ni pesticides, ni métaux lourds toxiques, ni

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Ingénieur Industriel

Mathis Mei

Mathis met à profit ses connaissances d'ingénieur bio-procédés et ses expériences passées dans le domaine des microalgues afin de contribuer au transfert des innovations R&D sur le site industriel. Diplômé de l'Ecole de Biologie Industrielle (EBI) et de l’Université Technologie de Compiègne (UTC), il allie sa passion pour les biotechnologies avec son désir d’innovation.